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Evaluation & Assessment

During your evaluation, a variety of functional movement tests, body mechanics assessments, gait analysis, joint and ligament testing, and palpation to assess and treat the specific needs of each client. Treatments typically include functional dry needling, hands-on techniques (manual therapy), spine and joint mobilization, manipulation, traction, muscle energy techniques, myofascial release, massage, soft tissue mobilization, stretching, and strengthening exercises to help each client reach their goals.

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One-On-One Appointments

During your your 90 minute session, I will work with you the entire time in order to make the most out of each visit. It benefits clients to have treatment in an environment that allows additional time for learning and healing. My treatments are delivered with skill and accuracy. You will need fewer treatments, and won't have to wait to get the results you want. Most clients see improvements in 1-3 treatments. I respect your life and your busy schedule, so fewer appointments is better for you. I believe in listening to you and working with you. A 90 minute session allows you to time receive a thorough assessment, complete manual techniques, dry needling, and time to integrate the experience with individualized stretching and exercises for each stage of your recovery. Your treatment will also includ e proper instruction, education, and recommendations for self management.

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Dry Needling

​​Functional Dry needling uses mono filament needles (acupuncture needles, no injections), inserted into deep spinal muscles, tendons and trigger points to relieve pain, inflammation, tendinitis, muscle spasms, break up scar tissue, or to recruit weak muscles. Dry needling is effective for neck pain, headaches, low back pain, shoulder rotator cuff tears, Temporal Mandibular Dysfunction, injuries and pain almost anywhere in the human body. This treatment is effective for chronic and new injuries. The inserted needles stimulate blood circulation, decrease inflammation, desensitize body tissues, relax muscle, and increase the rate of healing. Typically, clients see immediate results after one treatment.

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Manual Therapy

“Hands on treatment” including spine and joint mobilization, manipulation, traction, myofascial release, massage, a combination of soft tissue mobilization techniques, Guasha, muscle energy techniques to realign and set joints, passive and assisted stretching.

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Myofascial Release

A form of massage or soft tissue work, in which connective tissues, muscles, fascia are progressively pulled, stretched or mobilized to increase motion, decrease pain, and release restrictions. After an injury, sprain, surgery or scarring, connective tissue can become restricted as it heals, resulting in pain and loss of motion. Restricted tissue can result in the loss of joint motion, nerve entrapment, and impaired circulation. Myofascial release is effective for restoring and normalizing connective tissue and muscle after injury.

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