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Convenient central downtown Tucson location. Offering one-on-one evaluation and treatment services to the Tucson community in a private, comfortable setting. I am committed to returning people to the life, recreation and work they love.

Meet Dr. Holley, PT, DPT

My home has been in Arizona for 30 years, and Tucson, AZ for 11 years. I love living in the desert. I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011, from Arizona School of Health Science (ATSU). My professional experience is well rounded. I have worked with diverse populations in a variety of private practice and hospital settings.

Holley Physical Therapy opened in April 2022 to offer a professional and highly skilled Physical Therapy service to the Tucson public.

I believe that this service is needed and should be available for everyone in our community. Whether your passion is running, dancing, walking, or living your life, physical therapy can offer you real improvements in function. The physical body is our means of moving in the world, an expression, our means to participate, recreate and live our fullest lives. Each person in our community contributes in a meaningful way, through movement, their work, activities and participation. I believe that helping people restore movement, mobility, and function will improve lives and have a positive impact on our community and families.

Since earning my doctorate, I have completed an additional one year Orthopedic Residency training, learning from some of the most respected physical therapists in the state of Arizona. I have practiced, studied and taught functional dry needling, completing over 80 hours of courses. My dedication to learning and research is to bring clients the most effective treatments and to benefit my clients recovery in the most efficient way.

My approach is to help clients develop body awareness, and self care practices to manage their own conditions and prevent injuries. There are other practitioners that I work with, and refer to as needed. The office space also hosts events that facilitate healing with other collaborative practitioners.

I recently worked with performers, dancers and staff from Arizona Theatre Company during the spring 2023 season to treat and prevent injuries during their performance schedule. It was an honor for me to support their performers, staff and nonprofit organization.

Keeping a regular yoga practice and other types of physical activity, has helped me to build my own body awareness. I enjoy the Arizona outdoors, hiking, dancing, trail running, cycling, cycling, snowboarding. I also love the arts, photography, music, people, culture, friends, singing and keeping a garden.

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Dr. Holley strives to create a calm and comfortable space.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be asking yourself...

Is my pain and condition improving? How much time does my therapist spend with me during my visits? Does my therapist listen to me and answer my questions or turn me over to the assistant? How come I need to go to see PT 3x/week for 12 or more sessions? Why does the therapist hurt me during the treatments and give me exercises that make my pain worse? It's time to give me a call to set up your appointment!
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Why choose direct access to my PT?

Arizona is a direct access state, which means you don't need a referral from a medical provider or doctor to start your treatment. This allows you to start your recovery today or tomorrow, when you need it! Dr. Holley will screen you for ligament injuries, fractures, herniated discs, and other conditions, eliminating wasted time waiting for a referral, and the unnecessary cost of X-rays, MRIs, medications, and other diagnostics. Most orthopedic special tests are highly sensitive and specific, when compared to MRI or other testing. Have your injury assessed first by a musculoskeletal expert, and have solid information and the confidence you need to return to your normal activities. If your assessment reveals the need for diagnostic imaging, or an emergency room or surgery, Dr. Holley can give you recommendations for follow up.

In addition, your treatment is offered in a private, quiet and personalized environment! It benefits clients to have an environment that allows time for learning and healing.

Do you take insurance?

No, however many insurance plans pay for “out of network providers” with a medical provider's referral. Dr. Holley will provide this documentation to your insurance company for your reimbursement. If you need it.

Isn't cash pay expensive?

Your treatment sessions will last a full 90 minutes and you will work with Dr. Holley the entire time. Using this approach, you will minimize the number of treatments you need, saving you time and money. In addition, because your insurance company doesn't dictate your treatment, or limit what they pay for, you will get the treatment and attention you need each visit.

+ 90 min 1st Evaluation and treatment is $150.
+ 60, 90, 120 min appointments available.

If you are unable to afford these prices, I am willing to work with you. Give me a call and let's chat about it!

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Located at 382 S Convent Ave Tucson, 85701.